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At Admiral Photography we like to keep things straight forward and take a pride in what we do: You are buying our time our knowledge and our experience. Yes, of course we can organise albums, prints and frames, but let’s deal with that separately!

We also recognise that people’s wants and needs (not to mention budgets) are different and so we prefer to tailor our services and prices to the requirements of the client. However, with weddings comes additional pressure and preparation as we have no opportunity to control light and timing or even weather.

Part of what makes us so successful is the extensive planning that goes into providing your moments as photographs, from the first booking to the displaying of your final images on screen, and beyond.

  • All wedding clients have an initial consultation, at which we will discuss in some detail what you may require of us. This enables us also, if you choose to book, to go through our paperwork with you. We also recommend that all wedding clients have a ‘pre-wedding photoshoot’ and at present this is offered free of charge.

  • We will aim to visit all venues beforehand, even if we have photographed there before. This enables us to often meet the wedding planner and establish any rules or regulations that may exist at your chosen venue, as well as ensure we are fully aware of surroundings.

  • Approximately one week prior to the wedding a final preparation meeting is carried out with the bride and groom when we can discuss the order of the day and ensure we are aware of any particular photographs required.

  • The majority of our wedding clients opt for two photographers to be present on the big day as this enables both bride and groom to be accompanied before the wedding ceremony and allows for different perspectives to be covered.

  • After the wedding, the images captured during the day are ‘processed’ and pass though editing; this will make the final photographs look as beautiful as possible. Technically, this is necessary due to the format that the camera captures the photograph in order to make the picture the best it can be. Think of having to get your film developed back in the day!

  • It is possible that we may re-touch images, which may involve the removal of objects that distract from the final photograph and if requested to do so we can ‘clean up’ skin etc…

  • After we have fully prepared your images we will invite you to view the final photographs on our screens. This enables you to see them as we do, with colour and contrasts being as true to that we would get from a print lab as possible.

  • Images will then be presented on USB in a beautiful leather bound box with your names and wedding date inscribed. At this stage we can also discuss requirements for printing, framing or albums… all of which come in many styles and sizes. 

Only as a guide: a full day from bride preparation through to first dance (and very often beyond) including all of the above would cost approximately £825

Family Portraits

Whether this is a newborn son or daughter having their first professional photographs or if it’s an opportunity to bring family members together for a group photograph, we can accommodate. 

You may prefer the simplicity of an image against a clean backdrop under studio lights or the natural look with kids playing in the park. 

We can cater to most needs and can even bring the studio to you, with a portable back drop and lighting system. We typically suggest up to one hour to capture the images required and these will pass through an editing process to ensure the photographs look as beautiful as possible. We may if necessary or if requested, re-touch the final images to remove objects or skin blemishes.

Final edited images are generally presented on an ‘Admiral Photography’ branded CD. 

Albums, printing and framing can be organised and agreed separately.

Cost: Special Offer!!! £35 until further notice (Usually £50)

Please note: Where expenses are incurred at venues such as entry fees, parking or in some cases where travel is required we reserve the right to charge additional fees to cover costs.



You may have a special birthday party planned or maybe it’s to celebrate an anniversary? Perhaps, it’s a business event or a conference.

We carry portable lighting systems and backdrops if these are required.

Images will pass through a simple editing process to ensure that photographs look the best they can.

In some cases and if requested, some re-touching can be carried out (further charges may apply).

Images can be presented on an Admiral Photography branded CD or transferred electronically.

£50 per hour for one photographer and £25 per hour for an additional photographer (subject to a minimum of two hours) .